Images and information relating to past work and any current projects relating to theatre productions and shows.

Work is presented with most recently finnished projects first. The following information only includes work that involved making or embroidery. All of my theatre experience that includes wardrobe and dressing can be viewed on my C.V which is available to down load on the contacts page. Since April 2007 I have been working on a permanent part-time basis at Angles the costumiers in Hendon, in the Ladies making department.

Funny Face, Chichester Theatre

Whilst working at Angles there are have been numerous projects that we have undertaken. This is a current example of a dress I have completed. The cutter presents me with the pattern and marked fabric and I follow the instructions untill the dress is finnished.

Wicked, Victoria Apollo

 The costume was origionally made in the U.S, with Angels the costumiers and myself recreating it for the show in London. The beading was done by hand, during and after the making.

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Breakfast at Audrey's by Bandbazi

Working as a costume maker for the company Bandbazi recreating a vintage Dior pattern.

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 The Cholmandelelys and the Featherstonelaughs, in the production of 'Yippee' 2006!

Working as one individual from a team of makers creating bizarre and extraordinary pieces designed by Simon Vincenzi

Unfortunatly I am still searching for imagery as I regetably missed the opportunity myself to capture these images.

The Opera Group, in the production of Blond Eckbert and other stories

Employed as a costume maker, the production was on at the Royal Opera Houses' Lindbury Studio.

Abandon Theatre, in the production of 'Sweet Love Adieu' written by Ryan J-W Smith

It was 2005 that was to be the year that gave me the opportunity to explore costume design and costume making to its fullest when I became involved with Abandon Theatre. As the costume designer I was to enjoy for the first time the interpretation of the script and the enjoyment that comes from designing the collection. With help from family and friends (especially Lucy White, costume maker extrodinaire! ) I successfully completed the collection for the play 'Sweet Love Adieu' written by Ryan J-W Smith, which took on the Edinburgh Fringe, resulting in 5star reviews.

" In addition, worthy mention must go to Claire Leadbetter who designed the most fantastic costumes. All too often it is the minor details which disappoint, but not in this case. Leadbetter's costumes were gorgeous, whilst combining an Elizabethan feel with a hint of modernism. The small tweaks here and there, such as the rose cut into William's leather jacket did not go unnoticed."

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